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Keyboard expansions – speed up logging in Forscene

This video shows how to create keyboard expansions in Forscene – from setting function keys to automatically type words, to programming abbreviations to automatically expand to words.

Transcription of the video

Keyboard expansions are a great tool for speeding up your logging in Forscene. Keyboard expansions can be found by left clicking the shortcuts button on the left hand panel.

Keyboard expansions are used to program function keys – F1 through to F12 – to type text and to programme abbreviations to automatically expand to words.

So, if you know that your logging is going to involve typing certain words repeatedly you could either programme one of the function keys to automatically type the word, or, you could programme an abbreviation to automatically expand to the word.

Let’s try these out. If I click in the shot column, play my clip and hit F1, and then type “r”, you can see the logging entry reads “BMX” and “rider”.

Expansions are triggered by typing a non-alphanumeric character after the abbreviation. So I can type “rifle” without triggering an expansion, but if I type “r” and then spacebar, it expands to “rider”. If you want to revert to the original abbreviation just hit backspace.

This reduces the amount of typing you need to do while logging and also guarantees accurate spelling, which helps with search later.

You can also save different keyboard expansions for use in different projects. At the top of the keyboard expansions window you will notice it has a name and next to this there is a menu icon.

Click this icon to see other keyboard expansions for this account. Choose one for use in your project.



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