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Keyboard shortcuts

This video shows you how to use keyboard shortcuts in Forscene – from using the preset keysets, to customising and setting your own.

Transcription of the video

Right clicking on the shortcuts button opens the keyboard shortcuts window, which lists the preset keyboard shortcuts and allows you to customise and set your own.

The window will always open with the last used set of keyboard shortcuts. The existing shortcuts are categorised into usage areas including universal, text, editing, logging actions, etc.

To create your own shortcut, simply click in the box at the bottom of one of these sections and type in the shortcut keys that you would like to set an action for. You will then be presented with a list of actions to choose from. Click your choice to set the shortcut and it will appear in the shortcuts list.

If you would like to set macro shortcuts – so that one shortcut results in a series of actions being performed – follow the exact same procedure as for normal shortcuts, but right click to keep adding actions in the order you’d like them performed and left click on the final action to close. And your macro shortcut will appear in the list.

You can have different keyboard shortcuts for use on different projects. To change to another set, open the keyboard shortcuts menu and choose from the list.

Here, you will also be presented with some options, including creating new keysets and removing or duplicating these. ‘Derive from keyset’ means that you can duplicate a keyset, then add new keyboard shortcuts to it. And ‘select keyset to rebase onto current keyset’ means you can merge a new keyset with an already defined keyset.

You can rename keysets by clicking in the title box and they will be saved in the keyboard shortcuts menu for future use.



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