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Launching Forscene with Firefox and Chrome browsers

Here we will take you through launching Forscene with Firefox and Chrome web browsers.

If you’re working with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, launching the Forscene Editor is done with a downloaded webstart. For this you will need Java already downloaded to your computer. If you don’t already have Java, you can get it here. Whether you’re downloading Java or the web start, make sure you have administrator permissions as your computer may ask for this.

  • Log in to Forscene from the website.
  • Click on the Edit button beside your account name. Alternatively you can select a launch style out of four options on the drop-down box. This is completely optional, and configures the features in Forscene to suit different priorities.
  • A save dialogue box will appear inviting you to download the webstart file – and click Save. It should have the name ‘webstart-[your account name].jnlp’. You may get one or more security warnings about the web start file – don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe.
  • Save the webstart to somewhere you can find it easily. If the file was saved to a Downloads folder on your computer, we recommend moving it to your Desktop for easy access.
  • Double-click on the web start file and Forscene will launch.

From now on, you should only need to log in to Forscene from the web start you have saved to your computer.

Still having trouble getting started? Contact our support team.



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