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Left and right click

This video demonstrates the use of left and right click, left mouse clicking, for standard action within Forscene, and right mouse clicking for the opposite or advanced functionality

Transcription for the video:

Forscene has been designed to provide all the tools you need from a simple interface. This meant doing away with unnecessary buttons that clutter up your screen.

So, instead of having a button to zoom into your timeline and another to zoom out, you left click to zoom in and right click to zoom out.

Similarly, left click to undo, right click to redo. Left click to add a gap in your timeline, right click to close the gap and so on.

We’ve also simplified usability by avoiding long lists of drop down menus. Right click to access settings for files, publishing options, to set keyboard shortcuts and to access track settings in your timeline.

Forscene’s interface is simple and clear, with added functionality just a right click away!



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