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How to make your story with Forscene tutorial videos

Hello readers and welcome to 2015!

Where most companies were winding down towards the end of last year, here at Forscene HQ we were in the midst of releasing a fresh look interface, producing a new user guide and sending out release notes. As for me, I was busy producing the ‘How to’ tutorial videos for our YouTube channel: ForsceneTraining.

If you haven’t visited before, then you’re in for a treat – our channel is jam-packed with case studies on Forscene: presentations from exhibitions, Forscene promo videos and the aforementioned tutorial videos, which cover everything from an Introduction to Forscene, to How to work with sync, to How to use keyboard expansions.

Why make Forscene tutorial videos?

1. To give a step-by-step guide on how to log and edit with Forscene

The sequential videos start with the fundamentals of using Forscene, called ‘Key Concepts’, so you know what to do once you sign into your account. Then there are a series of videos on logging your media. Lastly, we have the basics of editing, as well as some advanced functions to do with audio editing and colour correction.

2. To educate users on how to get the most out of Forscene’s features

Did you know that you can easily match frames in Forscene by double clicking the time code in the record window? Or, how about clicking on the timeline button to switch between the last two views? These and other handy tips are addressed in the tutorial videos.

3. To provide support material by addressing frequently asked questions

We have a few FAQ videos on the ForsceneTraining channel, which are focused on ingesting media and managing watchfolders. We aim to introduce more videos on the new Forscene MAM in the coming weeks and try to address other common queries users have on using Forscene.

If you’ve got an FAQ or Forscene feature you want to see turned into a tutorial video then tweet us @forscenepro.

All the best,


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