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How to use the panel

This video demonstrates how to navigate the left side panel in Forscene to access everything from the file window to the recovery window and shortcuts to the chat window. It also gives a brief explanation of various publishing options.

Transcription of the video

The left hand side panel of the Forscene interface contains various buttons that are essential for media management, publishing, reporting and support. Expand the panel to show the button’s names, or hover over the buttons for a tooltip.

These first series of buttons relate to the media you are working with

  • Click the file button to access your media.
  • Use the upload button to upload media into your account.
  • Drag media onto the recycle bin to delete it.
  • Click the recovery button to find automatically saved versions of your work
  • And use the tasks button to send files for review and approval.

Underneath these are the publishing buttons. If you have many publishing applications then your panel may include a scroll bar in this section.

Once you are finished editing your video you can export it in a variety of formats, or publish directly to a range of applications by dragging and dropping your edited video onto one of these publishing buttons. Depending on your account setup you may only have some of these publishing options.

This is the shortcuts button. Left click to program function keys to type text and set automatic expansion of your chosen abbreviations. Right click to access and define keyboard shortcuts.

The analytics button gives information about your account activity. The settings button is for accessing session settings including interface layouts, tooltips and more.

These two buttons are for help and communication. The help button links you to the online user guide and tutorial videos, and the chat button allows you to send instant messages to other users of Forscene.



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