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Publish to Twitter straight from Forscene

The ability to publish straight from an editing platform to social media is an advantage as it enables you to quickly push out content. It negates the need for exporting a video to your device and then uploading to the social network, so you can spend more time creating exciting, good quality videos.

For a while now it has been possible to export video clips directly to Facebook and YouTube with a simple drag and drop in Forscene, and we’ve recently introduced Twitter publishing to the post-production platform. This becomes especially advantageous to sports clients, who need to push out sub-clips and highlights to social media as quickly as possible. Being the first is essential to staying ahead of your competitors in any sector, but with sports broadcasting this becomes even more so. To put it bluntly, no one is going to remember the company who published their content on social media last. The early bird indeed catches the worm, and Forscene gets you ahead of the game.

So there’s the pitch, here’s the context

It has recently be revealed that Twitter are working on a top secret feature called ‘Project Lightening’ whereby users will be able to search for breaking news and events at the click of a button – quite literally. So maybe it’s not that secret, but the idea is that content will be easily accessible in the form of hashtags and people talking about them, without you needing to hunt it down. Now imagine being a part of that: it’s the Rugby World Cup or Superbowl and you want your video content front and centre. Well, with our cloud-to-cloud workflow you can ingest live streams straight from the event, produce an edit in near real-time and then directly publish to Twitter with the hashtags that will see your video getting there first.

We’ll be demonstrating this fully virtualised workflow at IBC 2015 on stand 8.B38e – book your place on the grid now!

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