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Sequence – How to build a basic video editing sequence

This video gives you a step-by-step guide on how to create a basic sequence in Forscene – from marking your source and dragging clips into your sequence, to some basic editing functions on the timeline.

Transcription of the video

Once you have loaded media in the play window you can use the navigation buttons to select the clip you would like to include in your sequence.

Playback at various speeds using buttons or keyboard shortcuts. Zoom into your navigation bar to find the exact frame you’re looking for, and mark your in and out points.

Use the patch panel to select which tracks from your source media you want to include in your sequence and what their destination track should be. You can also deselect tracks completely. Then simply drag your clip from the play window and drop it into the record window to add it to your sequence.

Follow the same process to select the next clip you would like to add to your sequence.

When you drag your clip into a sequence it will be added at the current position of your playback bar in the record window – if this is anywhere but at the end of your sequence, Forscene will ask whether you want to insert, overwrite or cancel this edit.

You can rearrange the clips in your sequence by dragging and dropping them into new positions on the timeline. Delete clips by dragging and dropping them into the recycle bin or by positioning your playback bar to intersect the clip and pressing delete on your keyboard.

Clips can also be trimmed directly on the timeline. This action will bring up the trim monitor window which helps you to cut your clip frame by frame.

Now you have created a basic sequence, you can export or further refine your edit in Forscene.



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