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How to create source & sequence markers

This video shows you how to use source and sequence markers in Forscene – including working with footage that has been recorded with Sony XMPilot Essence Markers.

Transcription of the video

To view source markers they need to be activated on the account – chat to your Account Manager for more information. If you have added Sony XMPilot Essence Markers to your media when recording, these will be converted to blue markers on your source in Forscene.

These source markers can be viewed as you scrub through your material in the play window, and in the blue timeline view on the markers track click on the marker and the frame with the marker will be displayed in the source window or in the logging view as entries with only an in point and text in the shot.

You can generate your own source markers in Forscene by creating a logging entry with only an in point and text in the shot column. Or edit your source markers by clicking the text in the shot column, making your changes and pressing enter. Deleting all the text will delete the marker.

Alternatively, in the blue timeline view, double click the marker to edit or delete. When you add source with markers to your sequence, these blue markers will be displayed in the markers track in the orange timeline view. You can also add orange sequence markers to your timeline.

To insert a sequence marker, navigate to the frame you want to mark and type the keyboard shortcut “m” or double click at that point in the marker track. An orange marker will be inserted at that point in your sequence and you can type your notes into the textbox.

Scrubbing through your sequence will now reveal both blue source markers and orange sequence markers. Click on source or sequence markers in the record timeline to view the frame and marker text in the record window, and double click any marker to edit or delete the text.

You can also add sequence markers on the fly – during playback. To add this keyboard shortcut, right click the shortcuts button, scroll down to editing actions, click the grey box and type the keys you want to assign the shortcut for – I’m going to choose control m. Then select “quick add marker”.

Play your sequence and simply type your shortcut, in my instance control m, to add a sequence marker at the current position without stopping playback. Once you have finished viewing your sequence, you can double click these markers to edit the default “marker” text.

Customise markers’ display in your record timeline by right clicking on the marker track icon. This allows you to choose whether to display source or sequence markers or both and whether to display markers in their default position at the bottom of the screen, or at the top.



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