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How to work with sync in Forscene

This video shows you how to use the sync display button to view synced clips and how to un-sync video and audio tracks – a warning though, as you can still sync lock tracks even if the video and audio are not in sync.

Transcription of the video

The sync display button on the Forscene timeline is for showing which tracks are synced together. Click the button to turn off this view and you’ll see the white borders around clips no longer show up.

However, when you hover over a clip now, the border will glow around it. Move your mouse away and it will disappear. Click the button again to turn sync display back on.

This is the sync button on the record timeline and it is used to lock or unlock sync on video, audio and any of your other tracks.

If you have dragged clips with corresponding video and audio into your sequence, you will notice that they will have a white border around them, showing that they are sync locked together.

If you drag these clips to new locations or add gaps to the timeline, the video and audio will remain locked together and in sync.

Click on the sync button to unlock the sync between video and audio. Or right click the sync button to unlock each track. The tracks will now be separated with individual white borders.

If you drag these clips to new locations they will still move together but if you hold down your right mouse button and drag, unsynced tracks will be moved independently.

To lock your track, navigate your playback bar to a point where it intersects with all the tracks that you want to lock sync with and click the sync button.

All media on selected tracks at that point in your timeline will have sync locked and will display with a white border.

If, like ours, your track covers multiple clips that you want to lock sync with, move the navigation bar again and repeat the process.

As you can see, even the video tracks for these two clips are now sync locked and cannot be moved independently. Sync lock works in this way across all tracks on the Forscene timeline.

But beware – if you have unlocked sync, moved an audio track, and then locked sync again, your audio could be out of sync even though it is sync locked.

Forscene’s sync lock is a tool for locking tracks together and doesn’t indicate correspondence of video and audio. For this reason we recommend that you never unlock sync on tracks with corresponding video and audio.



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