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What a year of video production with Forscene

This week it was announced that Forscene is being used on singing talent show The Voice of Ireland. The show is produced by Screentime ShinAwil, which has grown over the past few years to become one of Ireland’s largest and most successful independent production companies.

This got me thinking about what other new and renewed video production ventures Forscene has encountered this past year…

Forscene in sports

In the world of sports, deltatre confirmed their commitment to integrate Forscene into their sports-delivery workflow. We’ve been working with deltatre since the 2012 London Olympics, and this year the Italian sports media company used Forscene for coverage on 30 golf events. We also teamed up with T3Media after they had a successful trial of Forscene on Professional Bull Riders. This exciting collaboration meant that the leading provider of video management, archiving, licensing and distribution services started using Forscene for other sports editing projects.

Forscene and reality TV

This year we also had success across the pond, with California-based production company Giant Pirates Entertainment, on their reality TV series The Feed. Instead of waiting for hard-drives to be shipped cross-country, with Forscene, they were able to upload to the cloud from any of their multiple shooting sites and start editing straight away. Also in this sector, Forscene was used by Studio Lambert to speed up production of Gogglebox, as they used our video editor to search and select clips from rushes.

TV commercial video production

For the first time Forscene was used on production of a commercial advert: John Stanley Productions used Forscene in their workflow to make the Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Anti-Ageing Serum ad, commenting that it was “an invaluable tool for enabling efficient communications between the crew…and the producer”.

video production

Camera-to-cloud workflow

One of our most exciting enterprises of 2014 was with Sony; we developed a camera-to-cloud workflow that enabled footage to be uploaded straight from a Sony camera, via the CBK-WA100 wireless adaptor, to the Forscene cloud. The process was trialled on a Maverick TV production made for Channel 4, and eliminated the delay between shoot and post-production.

Forscene and third party integrations

Forscene is now being used in partnership with Take 1 Transcription, enabling users to access transcription, captioning and translation services at the touch of a button in the cloud. We also integrated with Timecode Buddy via the MovieSlate iOS application to allow users to reliably and easily generate, sync and share accurate timecodes and metadata.

Forscene in Canada

October was an exciting month as Triangle Post became our first Canadian service provider, allowing it’s clients to use Forscene’s cloud-based workflows. Also this month, entertainment journalist Bonnie Laufer used Forscene for her coverage of the Toronto International Film Festival.

Forscene training sessions

In the lead up to our new interface release, we hosted free training events in Manchester and London, showcasing the new look editor and Media Asset Manager. We were also fortunate that UK media training leader, DV Talent chose to use Forscene in their courses for edit producers, which were so successful that more sessions will be taking place in London in 2015.

So there you have it, a quick round up of some of Forscene’s highlights from 2014. I’ll be taking a break over the festive period and will back next year with more blog posts!

Happy Holidays,

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