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Working for FileCatalyst, I had met members of the Forscene team a number of times at various media and broadcasting trade shows. Since Forscene offers a media asset management (MAM) solution as part of their cloud post-production platform, we saw that as a great opportunity to work together to offer their customers an alternative to slow file transfers. Anyone who uses a MAM faces the same issue: how to get their file into a MAM and how to move them out. Forscene’s customers wanted to be able to move files between two locations at full line speeds, so combining the two solutions seemed natural.

For this reason, Forscene has integrated FileCatalyst’s patented file transfer acceleration technology within its platform. FileCatalyst is immune to latency and linear with packet loss. With the click of a button, the user is now able to send these hi-res sequences to any other Forscene location at full line speed, regardless of how far away the destination is. Users are now able to benefit from faster access to original source rushes or sequences cut in Forscene for further post-production.

The partnership was first established in September 2014 at IBC. In the beginning, it was a loose integration, but as the months went on, we also integrated TransferAgent into the Forscene edge server. This is still a new partnership, but we have already hosted a webinar with Forscene and plan to have a solution paper out by IBC 2015, which will provide all of the details of the integration.

Two pieces of software can be made to work together; however, it is the teams behind them that are the glue in creating a great partnership. Forscene’s entire team have been very supportive with this integration and have gone to great lengths to allow their users to experience the FileCatalyst advantage from within the Forscene platform.

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