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Although Field59 is a new startup in the enterprise video platform space, our collaboration with Forscene spans many years. All of the employees at Field59 come from Broadcast Interactive Media, which pioneered the effort to bring real-time frame-accurate editing to the broadcast TV market by integrating Forscene’s professional video editing software into its online video workflows. So, when we founded Field59, it was the natural choice to continue working with Forscene. Their editing solution offers critical tools for our broadcast clients, including the ability to edit and publish web clips and captions just moments after airing.

combined workflows

Forscene’s tools also complement Field59’s Video Platform™ in spaces beyond broadcast television, such as newspapers streaming high school sports, and production companies. The newest integration between the two products allows for Field59’s live streams to be ingested directly into Forscene. This introduces new benefits: users can now live stream through Field59 and edit in Forscene using a single Field59 video source. Also, clients can now use Forscene without needing to invest in additional enterprise hardware — a small portable encoder or even a mobile device can be used to capture video. This combined efficient workflow offers a complete solution that works even in bandwidth-challenged environments, and provides many new opportunities to work together.

We’re pleased to be able to talk more about Field59 and Forscene combined workflows at Forscene’s NAB booth this year, and we’ll even be demonstrating live stream examples right from the booth! So please arrange a demo or stop by and talk to us about how we work with Forscene or one of the many features of our end-to-end video platform, such as automated smart playlists, live event scheduling and recording, mobile video publishing, and monetizing via pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll for desktop and mobile.

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