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There has been quite a buzz around camera-to-cloud since Sony started manufacturing their cameras with the wifi adapter built in. Our stand at BVE 2015 was busy with clients and potentials interested in the workflow. From our point of view it’s quite simple! The Sony camera shoots XDCAM while the adapter simultaneously creates an XAVC proxy. This proxy gets transmitted over your own little network into a virtual Forscene server. From there we create the Forscene proxy and put it in your account, accessible – as always – from anywhere. Check out the video to see this workflow in action on a real production with Maverick TV:

There is a free Sony app (Content Browser Mobile for Android and iOS) that gives you basic camera controls, clip browsing and shot selection. And with a choice of transmittable file sizes – as low as 0.5 Mb/s – even the smallest of bandwidths can be accommodated, allowing you access to your rushes from way out in the field. It will even work over a 3G or 4G dongle ensuring a very cost effective step in your workflow.

This might not look amazing when the camera and the cloud are in the same room – but imagine if you’re shooting in LA and your production office is in London. If you have the budget to courier your rushes back each day it could still take two or three days for you to see them. We can show you them in two to three minutes! Now you can log, edit, review and publish your media from Forscene before the disks have even left the location. And, your Forscene cuts will link back to the high res when it comes to do your online. But why wait until then? You can view your rushes almost as they’re being shot, allowing you to be selective on what you use, enabling you to direct story lines and be reactive to the actuality unfolding. When the adapter supports a growing upload it’s like watching a gallery feed!

As the adapter is now part of the camera itself the cost of it is negligible but the savings in time and money are huge and the implications for the future of production are vast. As more and more companies begin to see the benefit of the camera to cloud workflow I’m expecting to be busy at NAB!

If you want to know more about this workflow, or anything else Forscene can do, book a meeting with me now!


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