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The seamless path to the cloud for video editing and publishing

From the science of edge computing

Blackbird Edge is the state-of-the-art foundation technology for our product line – it allows you to accelerate the visibility, immediacy and manipulation of your video content for workflows across the media supply chain in the cloud.

Utilizing the very latest technology and architecture from the science of edge computing, Blackbird Edge is the essential companion and foundation for Blackbird Ascent and Blackbird Forte enabling you to fully manage and edit your video content in the cloud.

The Mac® version of Blackbird Edge delivers game-changing advantages to remote video workflows. Available for a wide range of Apple Mac devices, Mac Blackbird Edge provides unprecedented flexibility for running Edge technology anywhere there is a data network. TV and movie production teams in remote locations with bandwidth as low as 2Mb per second can ingest video content for colleagues located anywhere else in the world to rapidly view, edit and enrich. (Mac® and Apple® are trademarks of Apple Inc).


“So psyched to be part of the A+E Networks deployment of Blackbird.”
Kevin Tobin
Senior Director of Production, A+E Networks

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