Easy to use full featured cloud editor enabling leading edge content creation including an Emmy Nominated workflow to closed captioning for sports, news and event highlights and post production for time critical delivery.


The digital video landscape has undergone significant change over the last decade, with more content than ever being created. There are virtually no boundaries on where, when and how viewers obtain their content. To ensure contributors can efficiently source, interact with or share video content is key to monetisation. Whether for news, both OTT and Broadcast, sports, eSports, entertainment, online, social media platforms, or enterprise video, Blackbird Forte provides an all-in-one enriched version of the Blackbird platform for today’s video professionals – from production through to delivery.


Blackbird Forte is powered by the unique Blackbird Cloud platform that enables both live and non-live workflows for packaged video, audio, closed captioning and other timed data. Blackbird Forte gives easy access to view and clip with groundbreaking collaborative workflows into advanced, logging and transcription, clipping and editing within single or multi camera environments including multiple video layers, alpha channel graphics, titles, voiceovers and multitrack audio and incredible live-switch multi-camera editorial. Collaborate with remote viewers using Blackbird’s review and approval workflow integration.  Content is effortlessly delivered for publish, conform and delivery to multiple platforms in a variety of standards including closed caption and metadata delivery.

For live event workflows such as news, sports and eSports, Blackbird Forte provides easy access to content during event. It has super-low latency against live sources from growing content, which can come from IP streams, growing files or baseband video. Blackbird Forte also handles embedded closed caption data.

For non-live workflows such as post event highlights, archive monetisation workflows or for simply providing longer term access to content from any repository, Blackbird Forte provides a rich, familiar and collaborative user experience with the power of multi platform publishing. Blackbird Forte is an amazing alternative to complicated costly workstation level editing applications, yet Forte still deliveries compatible metadata exchanges with your current editing tools including advanced logging data, markers,  multi-camera groups, layers, audio track, levels and closed caption delivery.

Why choose Blackbird Forte?

Blackbird Forte allows you to hyper-accelerate the delivery of video content across the media supply chain with a full set of management and manipulation tools

  • Gain unprecedented access to live and non-live content from anywhere
  • Increase productivity with faster access to content and rapid workflows for finding and making clip selections
  • Easy clip mode for new users
  • Advanced workflows for logging, annotation and metadata entry
  • Advanced workflows for multilayer video, multitrack audio, multi camera editorial
  • Brilliant closed captioning integration including data modification, timing, position and compliant caption file delivery
  • Improve operational efficiencies by utilising cutting edge technology within a cloud native, platform agnostic, web based application
  • Select from a vast array of publishing options for broadcast, OTT, online, social media

Blackbird Forte provides:

Platform agnostic, web-based, cloud-native application
  • View live and non-live content
  • Super low latency
Frame accurate Blackbird proxy content is hosted securely in the Blackbird Cloud
  • Designed for speed of access
  • Enables remote operation from anywhere
Flexible feature set enables non- technical user access
  • Easily select the key valuable moments
  • Comprehensive keyboard shortcuts and macros for ease of operation
  • Closed captioned workflows
  • Collaborative review and approval tracks
  • Advanced editorial tools including multi-camera
  • Alpha channel support
  • Voice over to timeline live record
Publishing workflows for a true multi-platform workflow
  • Social media delivery
  • Conform against high bit-rate sources
  • Newsroom Delivery
  • OTT
  • Delivery to commercial cloud storage
Support for live and non live content with both streams and files through Blackbird Edge technology
  • Baseband HD-SDI
  • High frame-rate support
  • IP streams
  • Closed and growing file support
  • Camera codecs with metadata
  • Automated content metadata rules

Blackbird Edge

Blackbird Edge is the essential companion and foundation for all professional live and non-live streams, feeds or file ingests into the Blackbird cloud. Blackbird Edge technology can be hosted on premise, in a VM, remotely or by a commercial cloud infrastructure provider*. Efficient processing enables your content to be rapidly scanned, transcoded and is immediately available in the Blackbird cloud using our high quality, lightweight and incredibly efficient and flexible Blackbird video codec.

Blackbird Forte architecture

Blackbird is designed from the ground up to run efficient workflows in the cloud. It simplifies working on both live video and high volumes of video by downloading only frames likely to be required – and working ahead of the user – giving unrivalled responsiveness to the interface. This empowers lightning fast navigation, playback and viewing without delays. The efficient operation of Blackbird Forte provides an excellent balance between operational simplicity for new users and rich logging, editorial  timeline control for experienced editors including timed data and closed captioning. Blackbird Forte is a platform agnostic, cloud-native video content solution which brings the power of the Blackbird cloud to everyone.


  • Blackbird Ascent and Forte use the same core technology and are 100% compatible, enabling flexibility and scalability to any video workflow.

*Commercial cloud infrastructure option for Edge Hosting and storage includes Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure

To find out more about Blackbird Forte, contact commercial@blackbird.video

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