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Blackbird Live Sports Cloud

Today’s global sports fans want and expect to see all the action from their favourite teams and players on all media outlets as fast as possible. To meet this requirement and engage with sports fans everywhere online the Blackbird Live Sports Cloud is your perfect solution.
Blackbird Live Sports Cloud provides a fully cloud-based platform that enables production teams to rapidly edit and enrich highlight clips with closed captions in the cloud from multiple sources. They can then deliver them seamlessly across multiple online platforms and social media channels faster than any other solution – providing a customer-centric experience as well as significant monetization opportunities.

Blackbird Live Sports Cloud’s many benefits include:

  • Frame-accurately view and edit growing sport video content just 6 seconds after live
  • Rapidly publish your sport highlight clips for broadcast, OTT, web and social media channels
  • Significant content monetization opportunities due to unbeatable content publishing speeds
  • Clips can be edited and distributed by anyone, anytime, anywhere on any device
  • A truly platform agnostic, web-based, cloud-native application that is amazingly cost-effective
  • Ultra-fast codec delivers a true workstation experience in the cloud
  • Full interoperability and easy integration with your existing production infrastructure
“Blackbird is the most responsive, frame-accurate, high quality video codec we’ve ever seen.”
Eric Walsh
Director of Digital Product and Programming, MSG Networks


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