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Blackbird News and Events Cloud

Blackbird News and Events Cloud meets all news and live event providers’ requirements by enabling more efficient workflows for creating and publishing of content to enable greater audience reach and monetization opportunities. Production and field staff can seamlessly push content to the cloud from anywhere using any device – even with very limited bandwidth.

In workflows where speed is an absolute priority, video content be rapidly logged, viewed and edited in the cloud using Blackbird’s browser-based precision editing and enrichment tools. Content can then be rapidly published to broadcast, OTT and social media channels. Blackbird’s toolsets are so intuitive and easy to use that anyone can learn to use it – saving you significant training times and associated costs.

Blackbird News and Events Cloud’s many benefits include:

  • Frame-accurately view and edit growing video content just 6 seconds after live
  • Rapidly publish your highlight clips for broadcast, OTT, web and social media channels with simple and easy to use tools that can be used by reporters, journalists and social media teams
  • Significant content monetisation opportunities due to unbeatable content publishing speeds
  • Clips can be edited and distributed by anyone, anytime, anywhere on any device
  • A truly platform agnostic, web-based, cloud-native application that is very cost-effective
  • Ultra-fast codec delivers a true workstation experience in the cloud
  • Full interoperability and easy integration with your existing production infrastructure
“Blackbird Forte gives our customers powerful cloud-based video editing capabilities that they can’t get anywhere else. We look forward to continuing to expand our relationship with Forbidden Technologies for a long time to come.”
Brad Ward


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