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Blackbird Production Cloud

Blackbird Production Cloud supports workflows that significantly improve efficiencies within production and post production with our solution used extensively in hundreds of productions each year. Team members can rapidly view, access and edit large-volume video content via any browser delivering a true workstation experience in the cloud whether they are working on-premise or remotely.

Hyper-fast, frame-accurate navigation playback and viewing of video content is possible without any delays using bandwidth as a low as 2Mb per second. Blackbird’s unique codec allows your production teams to access, log and only work on the high value content they need in the cloud – saving significant time, costs and frustration.

Blackbird Production Cloud’s many benefits include:

  • Frame-accurately view, log and edit high-volume video content in the cloud using our easy to use toolsets and video waveform tools
  • Video can be edited and distributed by anyone, anytime, anywhere on any device with bandwidth as low as 2Mb per second
  • Supports stronger collaboration as teams can work simultaneously on the same workflows
  • A truly platform agnostic, web-based, cloud-native application that is amazingly cost-effective
  • Ultra-fast codec delivers a true workstation experience in the cloud
  • Full interoperability and easy integration to complement and improve your existing post-production infrastructure
“Working with producers and writers in different countries requires us to share media seamlessly and quickly. Blackbird gives us the ability to do that and automate the process in such a way that it doesn’t add any more time to our internal workflows. We are very excited about working with Blackbird because now we can work in the cloud with the best talent around the globe.”
Gad Reichman
Director of Post Production, Our House Media


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