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The Blackbird Productions Partnership Program (BP3) collaborates with post-production facilities to provide Blackbird to all TV programme creators globally. Selected after meeting high levels of product training and customer service, only BP3 partners are qualified to sell Blackbird as part of their service offering.

Want to use Blackbird for your production? Contact a BP3 partner today:

To enquire about joining BP3, please contact

BP3 commercial and marketing benefits

  • Partners can offer Blackbird as part of their facility service and price independently.
  • Discount available on product licenses.
  • Only partners are able to license and sell Blackbird products.
  • Blackbird can assist partners on ad-hoc workflow consultations.
  • Partners receive product training and updates in order to help with up-selling.
  • Company listing on the Blackbird website.
  • BP3 partner badge to display on website and other promotional materials.
  • Blackbird can promote partners and productions on its social media channels.
  • Blackbird will sponsor networking events at chosen partner’s facilities.

BP3 technical benefits

  • Blackbird will review and upgrade existing operational systems and ingest software.
  • Blackbird will review partners’ existing hardware.
  • A Technical Account Manager will providing demonstrations of Blackbird to partners and their customers to assist with up-selling.
  • Blackbird will organize user training and workshops on the requests of partner’s customers.
  • Partners will receive free periodical updates to Blackbird Edge.
  • Blackbird will provide professional technical training to partner’s technical team: includes control center access, ingest and site management and account management in order to simplify the existing user management process.

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