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Tired of the enormous expense and logistics of physically moving huge volumes of feature film and daily TV show live recordings by DVD, camera card and hard drive to production teams in different locations?

Blackbird Dailies Cloud is purpose-built for the cloud with an ultra-low bandwidth codec that enables dailies content to be rapidly accessed, viewed and enriched via a stream from the cloud that feels exactly like an on-premise experience.

It will work seamlessly from any browser-based device, anywhere, at any time – completely eliminating the need to physically download plug-ins or manage any high-resolution content.

Blackbird Dailies Cloud’s many benefits include:

  • Eliminates physical dailies content distribution costs and saves significant time
  • Dailies content can be watermarked, edited and distributed by anyone, anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Work only on the ultra-low dailies codec you need to in the cloud – dramatically reducing the amount of hi-res content that needs to be transported
  • Enables the rapid viewing of dailies content for screenings and editorial decisions
  • Total security for your content assets
  • Ultra-fast, high-quality codec delivers a true workstation experience in the cloud
  • Full interoperability and easy integration with your existing dailies infrastructure

“Blackbird gives me instant access to rushes, allows me to edit on the road and promotes the quick exchange of editorial content back and forth with my home base – despite limited bandwidth. Blackbird is essentially a professional edit suite in my duffle bag.”

Edward Gorsuch

Executive Producer. Ample Productions


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