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Data Security

Your data security and the cloud  

In the age of cloud-based software and data centres, it’s important you retain complete control of your own data. This means controlling who has access to your data, whether on your premises, cloud or a data centre until you choose to communicate or publish that video content, data or information with someone else outside your organization.

Blackbird lets you control where your data is stored and who can access it. Blackbird software ensures that you can keep your high-resolution data stored locally or available to authenticated users through the cloud.

Blackbird software stores its data on the computer you nominate. For example, when you choose to use Blackbird software to assist you in the process of editing digital video content to someone outside your organization, Blackbird will store a lightweight version of your video in the Blackbird cloud. Your original content remains in your organization and on platforms, servers you chose to send it to.

Of course, Blackbird software can be installed on cloud-based servers or datacentres if you choose, and will operate perfectly, but your data will only be stored on the Servers or Desktops you nominate. 

Your information is confidential

Details about your organization and your staff are valuable to you, and Blackbird understands that this data is provided confidentially. This information may have been provided to Blackbird directly, or via one of its resellers. Blackbird will not sell or otherwise share information about you with other organizations or Blackbird resellers with whom you have not engaged directly. Information about you will only be used by Blackbird to communicate details about our products and services. If you believe that this information has been shared without your approval, please do not hesitate to alert us to this so we can ensure continued privacy of your information.

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