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BVE 2014 Preview

Company Overview:

Forbidden Technologies plc is an award-winning technology company that develops and delivers cloud-based solutions for collaborative video post-production. Its flagship product, Forscene, is one of the world’s most advanced cloud-based video post-production platforms. Launched in 2004, Forscene has been used to log, edit, review, and publish more than three million hours of professional video content. Listed on the London Stock Exchange Alternative Investment Market, Forbidden partners with high-profile media and technology organisations including Atos, BIM, deltatre, EVS, and Key Code Media. More information is available at

Forbidden Technologies at BVE 2014:

New Enhancements to Forscene

Forbidden Technologies looks forward to demonstrating the following recent Forscene developments:

  • Timeline overlay tracks with support for animated alpha channels, which can be used for cutaway material, to create picture-in-picture effects, or for logo placement.
  • Voice-over recording directly onto the Forscene timeline.
  • Increased capacity for loading more than 120 files per second into the play window.
  • Ability to import multiple CSV files with logging information.
  • New account management features for greater control over usage and cost.
  • Access to additional online support material.

The Opportunity to Influence Change
Forbidden Technologies has always believed that customer-driven development gives Forscene a loyal client base, attracts new business, and results in a better product. At BVE, our local clients will have the opportunity to preview and influence, through feedback, the developments currently in the testing phase for release at NAB 2014. These include:

  • High-resolution proxy
  • Edit interface upgrades including the record timeline patch panel and improvements to trimming, audio editing, and publishing tools
  • Increased account and user customisation for saving keysets and interface layout
  • A new site manager interface with increased management tools

Company Quote:


“BVE is the preeminent broadcast show in the United Kingdom and it provides a great opportunity to meet with current and potential customers as well as our industry partners. Since enhancements to Forscene are largely user-driven, this is a great opportunity to get valuable feedback and to showcase the new features and improvements that continue to make Forscene the best post-production solution available in the cloud today.”
— Greg Hirst, Business Development Director, Forbidden Technologies plc



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