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Forscene is now part of our Blackbird platform

Forscene and Blackbird

In March 2018 Forbidden Technologies plc officially elevated Blackbird to be the master brand and name of our signature Blackbird Cloud video platform.

Whilst Blackbird is not new, it is the name of our wholly owned and patented codec which makes up the ‘DNA’ of Forbidden Technologies products. It is responsible for the unique power, responsiveness and fluidity of the Forscene platform you know so well. It is a key point of differentiation and sets us apart from other cloud platforms.

Blackbird reflects the future growth trajectory of Forbidden and the partnerships we have with our customers. It reflects our philosophical direction. Blackbird, the platform, is on a mission to deliver so much more. Forscene will be subsumed into the Blackbird platform and for all intents and purposes until you expand your services, with us, your service and licence will remain the same.

Why Blackbird?
Blackbird allows users to hyper-accelerate the delivery of video content across the media supply chain with a full set of management and manipulation tools. Blackbird is more than a codec, it’s our philosophy.

What products sit under the Blackbird name?
Within the Blackbird family there are currently three products:

  • Blackbird Ascent our easy clip editor
  • Blackbird Forte our full-featured editor.
  • Blackbird Edge –  Both Forte and Ascent products combine with essential Edge technology, used to create our patented Blackbird codec.

Our new look
The polygonal bird represents our strong, secure and powerful codec ‘slicing’ through digital video content and the broadcast landscape represented by multi-coloured ‘shards’. The choice of font is modern, futuristic and warm representing our innovative technology. Overall the new brand, associated video, and imagery will reflect both our customers and enhanced digital content view experience. Many companies have become familiar and experienced with the new Blackbird, and the possibilities for infrastructure changes and improvements to their media supply chain. So far feedback on our new look has been very positive and we hope you agree!

Who do we speak to if we need support?
Our support contact number remains the same, so feel free to give us call. Any emails sent to will be redirected to, while customers readjust to the new change!

Who do I need to speak to for a new quote?
Contact your account manager or email:

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