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Investor Relations

Blackbird plc floated on the London Stock Exchange AIM market (Ticker: BIRD) in February 2000.

It operates in the fast-growing SaaS and cloud video market, and has created the world’s most advanced suite of cloud computing applications for video.

Professional video content is high value and expensive to produce, yet most rights holders fail to realise the full value of their content over time. This is where Blackbird is focused, helping rights holders, sports and news video specialists, broadcasters, post-production houses, other mass market digital video channels, marketers and corporates who use video content or supply video solutions to SMEs and consumers.

General Meeting

Notice of Meeting and Proposed Placing at:
Tuition House, 27-37 St George’s Road,
Wimbledon, SW19 4EU

at 10.00am, on Monday 16th December 2019.

Notice of meeting
The circular notice to shareholders

General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting took place at:
Tuition House 27-37 St George’s Rd,
Wimbledon SW19 4EU

at 10.00am, on Wednesday 8th May 2019.

The circular notice to shareholders
The proxy form


For matters associated with the Register of Shareholders, contact Blackbird’s Registrars, Link Asset Services:

Link Asset Services, The Registry, 34 Beckenham Road, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 4TU
Call: +44 871 664 0300

For any other matters, e-mail Blackbird directly at

Prospective Investors

E-mail your enquiry to Blackbird at

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