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Modern TV audiences expect to be able to enjoy their favourite TV shows in their own language as soon as the show is released in its own native language. Blackbird Localization Cloud is your ideal solution for rapidly and securely managing the translation, dubbing and subtitling of any TV show.

For the first time, working fully in the cloud prevents any need to download sensitive files providing full security for your video content. Translators can frame-accurately view and add translations to large-volume video content via any browser delivering a true workstation experience in the cloud – whether they are working on-premise or remotely – with bandwidth as low as 2Mb per second.

Blackbird Localisation Cloud’s many benefits include:

  • Eliminates the need to download files providing total security of your content assets and saving significant time
  • Content can be translated, dubbed and subtitled by translators anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Enables content to be watermarked securely
  • Supports a collaborative workflow with translators able to work on a single project and specific content sections simultaneously
  • Ultra-fast, high-quality codec delivers a true workstation experience in the cloud
  • Full interoperability and easy integration with your existing media infrastructure

“We are very pleased with the enhanced benefits of Blackbird – especially the speed and security the technology brings to our localisation projects.”

Von Johnson
CEO of Von Johnson and Associates


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