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AGM Statement, June 2004

At today’s AGM, Vic Steel, Chairman of Forbidden Technologies plc, made the following comments:

“For the first four years in business the company has focussed on developing, improving and perfecting products, ready to satisfy customer needs when anticipated new markets emerge. Some of those markets are now clearly arriving. We have begun to witness significant interest, and the slope of our sales graph is now showing clear signs of improving.

We believe that we are reaching the point where Forbidden Technologies’’ product innovation and market demand are starting to converge. The level of interest from current and potential customers in our new product line-up is very encouraging.

As a demonstration of the quality of our technology we are streaming live video of the proceedings of the AGM from 11.00am today, and this can be viewed on our website: This is made possible through the use of our leading edge product, FORlive. We will also demonstrate FORscene, the web based video editing and publishing product which incorporates a number of our core technologies and is attracting keen interest from certain elements of the film and broadcasting sector.”

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