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AGM Statement, June 2006

At todays AGM, Vic Steel, Chairman of Forbidden Technologies plc, made the following comments:

"I am pleased to report that good progress is being made by your company. Sales in the first half of the year will be ahead of the whole year of 2005. At our recent monthly strategy review the board adjusted further the balance of emphasis and resources to concentrate effort behind FORscene. With several broadcasters continuing to evaluate FORscene for logging, review, shot selection and assembly editing, the board sees FORscenes role in post-production as the biggest opportunity for profitable revenue in the near future.

Several members of the broadcast community are undertaking fundamental reviews of their processes and workflow and are considering how to use FORscene to its best advantage in the post-production process. In the meantime we have been awarded repeat business from a number of major production companies in the broadcast area.

Our distributors in Canada and the Nordic area are also making good progress. Ryerson University in Toronto is planning to trial FORscene in the autumn and the Technicolor company is planning to use FORscene for review purposes with its many customers. In Sweden, our distributor is planning a launch of our consumer version in the autumn.

As more and more members of the broadcast and video production communities are exposed to FORscene, it is gratifying to see the interest level grow as potential users recognise the lower cost of FORscene and the value of its remote collaborative features. This was particularly noticeable at last weeks Broadcast Live show.

The board has confidence that FORscene has the potential to become an industry standard product in the post-production world."

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