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Agreement with BT Broadcast Services

Agreement with BT Broadcast Services to offer a turn-key Mobile Video solution to broadcasters and mobile phone operators

BT Broadcast Services (BTBS) and Forbidden Technologies plc (Forbidden) have reached an agreement to trial a new generation of video streaming services to mobile phone users over existing GPRS and 3G networks.

BT Broadcast Services routes the majority of the UK's broadcast media content through the BT Tower, and has the capability to take feeds of content and transcode to various formats including Forbidden's. Using the BTBS solution, any content owner or broadcaster can offer streaming content to mobile phone operators.

Greg Hirst, Business Development Director, Forbidden Technologies commented:

"We are very excited to be working with BT Broadcast Services to bring streaming video to mobile users. Our new generation compression and playback technology will allow mobile operators to offer television-like video over their existing GPRS networks and attract an audience which will grow into the enhanced services that can be offered by 3G".

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