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Agreement with Travel Television

Forbidden Technologies plc, which is creating new technology for video distribution over the Internet, announces a joint agreement with Travel Television, the provider of travel and holiday information to tourist resorts, travel agents and hotels worldwide. Customers include Freeserve and Columbus Publications.

At present clients of Travel Television use video compression software from other suppliers to play video on their web sites. In future Travel Television will promote the use of Forbidden's technology and make available its extensive library of video material, which will be promoted by Forbidden Technologies as part of the agreement.

As part of its package of services, Travel Television has a library of over 2,400 hours of travel related video content and offers streaming video production services primarily to the holiday and leisure industry.

Forbidden Technologies has developed video compression technology to deliver large pictures at up to VHS frame rates over modems on typical home computers. The Company is in the process of developing a second generation codec which will have a demonstrably better picture quality than the existing codec, variable picture size and will support a much wider range of content. This technology will be suitable for a large range of applications due to its potential market penetration, quality and flexibility of the software.

Stephen Streater, Chief Executive of Forbidden Technologies commented:

"Since listing on AIM in February 2000, we have made considerable progress from a standing start to a saleable product. This agreement with Travel Television, a company with considerable experience in providing video content over the Internet, is a solid endorsement of our technology."

Nicholas Rogovsky, Producer of Travel Television said:

"Compelling visual content for consumer marketing using the Internet for leisure travel products has a huge impact on new ways of selling holidays."

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