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BBC News 24 To Be Streamed Live to Field Reporters

Forbidden Technologies service allows on-location review

International Broadcast Convention, Amsterdam, 8-12 September, 2006

Forbidden Technologies today announces that BBC News 24 is using FORscene to stream the channel to its network of field reporters across the world and to store footage for training purposes. Forbidden is providing the stream as a managed service to allow News 24 to further improve reporting techniques in a highly competitive marketplace.

The streaming service allows field correspondents to follow the precise angles and comment taking place in the studio and to tailor their reports accordingly. In addition, programme footage is being stored on a weekly basis, allowing the news teams to look retrospectively at how stories were reported, to help evaluate future approaches.

The ability to report with hindsight on previous stories and to view footage remotely from anywhere in the world is an important step forward in global news reporting.

Forbiddens FORscene platform utilises advanced digital compression techniques to deliver a live video stream to PCs, Macs and laptops via the web. Reporters are able to scroll through the content to the exact timecode which is of interest to them by using the cursor. They can then save content to their desktops for review at a later date.

"We are delighted to be applying our already successful streaming technology to provide a service for one of the worlds best known broadcasters,"

said Stephen Streater, CEO of Forbidden Technologies.

"This is the latest in a series of deals with top broadcasters and post production companies, proving the value of Forbidden's web-based proposition in the fast-evolving television industry."

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