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Faster than Live

“Quality, Speed and Price – you can have any two.”
The internet is the ultimate free market – a hotbed of innovation, where new paradigms trigger ripples – or tsunamis – of global disruption, and anti-competitive monopolies be overtaken in a trice.
The internet is now dominated by video, with YouTubers alone passing a billion hours a day watched in 2016. While technical difficulties limit the number of competitors, the commercial drivers for innovation are as great as in any market.
And to achieve true excellence, rather than jamming together inappropriate pieces in the jigsaw puzzle of life, Forbidden uses its ability to craft its own pieces.
Commercial imperatives
The primary objective of FTL is to minimise Time to Market for video content.
Time to Market is crucial in the world of live events. From Sports and eSports to unfolding News, the key value driver for internet video is Time to Market.
FTL also looks after the professionals making the content. Efficient cloud editing software with a simple publishing interface ensures accuracy in high throughput time critical situations.
Finally, for our end user, our Blackbird Player arrives at simplicity through mastering complexity. Simple playback is enhanced with our useful frame accurate Video WaveForm navigation bar.
Solving the technology jigsaw puzzle
All quality video is edited, whether with simple top-and-tail or sophisticated storytelling. FTL is compatible with the simple live Blackbird clipper – and the sophisticated Forscene professional cloud editor.
Live editing in the cloud starts the speed story. Video is already where we want it – and at multiple resolutions – so there is no delay in uploading video for viewing. For speed, instant publishing is the final coup: an edited video can be shared instantly. Here is the incredible truth: the Blackbird codec is so efficient, the Blackbird Player renders edits in real time on playback.
But what about price? The Forscene cloud platform is class leader in efficiency, saving time and money everywhere it is used. And now, with no rendering, publishing costs nothing.
Faster than Live combines three of Forbidden’s most advanced technologies for making engaging video: live feeds, highlights editing, and instant publishing.
The FTL RoadMap
The FTL roadmap is well underway. FTL publishing is in place for professional video users to try. The Blackbird Player supports multiple resolutions and browsers. iOS and Android apps already play Blackbird edits.
With videos regularly updated at, some things to look out for are:

  • Blackbird: Better data rate, video quality, memory footprint, CPU efficiency
  • Google Analytics integration
  • JavaScript Blackbird mobile player
  • 720p playback support
  • Option for any viewer to clip and share published videos

With FTL, people can view your near live edits from anywhere on the internet within seconds of an event happening – faster than a broadcast live feed with a broadcast delay, or a “live” internet HLS stream.
“Quality, Speed and Price – FTL gives you all three.”
Stephen B. Streater
Founder & Director of R&D
Forbidden Technologies plc

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