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eva, the video social network

In stark contrast to a standard press release or blog post where the main message is buried in the copy, I thought I’d get straight to the point: we have chosen not to release eva in December.
There are 3 key reasons we’ve taken this choice:
1. eva has been a more successful brand that we expected. So much so that since the launch of the register app in early December, we’ve had 3,500 downloads. eva, despite not yet existing as a social network, is already ranked in the top 100 social networks in a number of countries.
With this unexpected initial success comes a challenge. When we release the app, it has to be as close to a perfect user experience as possible. So a short delay to perfect the experience is necessary.
2. eva is now an even larger part of our future growth plans than we initially expected. It has become apparent that eva, and its relationship with other products in our portfolio, will become a significant part of Forbidden’s future growth strategy.
3. We intended to build eva using existing patented technologies and designs. We did not envisage that the success of our war room environment would create new patentable ideas; but it did. Under European patent law, patent applications must be submitted before the inventions themselves are published. Writing a patent takes some care, and I expect our patent attorney to be ready to submit soon.
We expect eva to be released on iOS and Android in the coming weeks, once we’ve perfected the experience, began work from our 2015 product roadmap and completed our patent process.
Believe me, it’ll be worth the wait.

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