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Field59 wins ABC Network Affiliates with Forscene

January 14, 2016, London – Field59, a premier online video management system for live streaming, VOD and OTT solutions, recently welcomed two new ABC network affiliates onto their video platform, using Forscene.

WWAY TV NewsChannel 3, the news, weather and sports television station for southeastern North Carolina owned by Morris Multimedia, and WWSB TV ABC 7, the ABC news leader for the Suncoast owned by Calkins Media, have both signed on for a 24-month period.

Forscene and Field59’s collaborative history dates back several years, when Field59’s video technology and personnel were still a part of Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM), a Forbidden customer since 2009. Since forming their own company in 2014, Field59 has become a leading provider of enterprise video solutions for news publishers in the broadcast space.

Last year, in order to strengthen the Field59 / Forscene partnership, Field59 was invited to demonstrate the Forscene / Field59 news solution on the Forscene stand at NAB. This led to one of many fruitful collaborations for Field59, one of which was a partnership with Calkins Digital (a division of Calkins Media) to power their OTT apps for news publishers, as well as bring WWSB onto the Field59 platform as a new customer.

Susan Hardin, Director of Digital for ABC 7 WWSB TV, had this to say about her experience with Field59 and Forscene thus far: “In a short amount of time, Field59 has improved ABC 7’s video publishing workflow significantly.

Our favorite aspect of the system is its speed – we don’t have to wait for an entire clip to load before we start working on it. The system has “download intelligence” – it downloads the video around our point of work.

Learning the system was simple and easy. With a quick review of the tutorials, I logged on and made a one-hour clip in 3 minutes. Then, I made 4 packages in less than 10 minutes. The final compression and processing time is the standard 1.5 times the length of the video, but it’s one you can start and leave.

No other system that we’ve used compares. Our workflow has decreased by about half, allowing us to publish more video efficiently to our OTT channels, our mobile apps and our live streaming platforms.

Our demand is higher than usual for a video management system – we clip and publish eight full-length shows a day. While our hour-long shows have been clipped and processing, we have the ability to simultaneously clip individual packages and send them to processing. Each of these full length shows appear on our Roku and Amazon Fire TV channels as well as our news apps and desktop site. While this is happening, Field59 allows us to live stream the eight shows on our multiple OTT channels, news apps and our main domain. Our live streaming channel is a 24/7 streaming channel across all devices, OTT, mobile, personal computers and TVs. It’s high demand, and where we had repeated systems crashes in the past, Field59’s platform has performed remarkably well.”

Over the past year, Field59 and Forscene have worked together to enhance live streams into Forscene editing software, which makes it possible for clients to edit video-on-demand clips from live streams in real time, from one platform anywhere, anytime. This integration also meant that Field59 customers are now able to stream live and edit in Forscene from a single encoder – a potentially significant reduction in both hardware investment and network bandwidth usage.

Another project nearing completion is an IP-based video workflow, addressing the current trend of IP-based systems in the television industry. This would untether broadcasters from their traditional SDI workflow.

Derek Gebler, CEO and Founder of Field59, is excited to continue the Field59 / Forscene partnership.

“This is only scratching the surface of what our companies can achieve together. Forscene has been a true partner in every sense of the word. Time-saving, efficient, and intuitive video workflows are exactly what our news customers are looking for in a video solution. Forscene has an amazing product, and we’re proud to offer it as a part of the Field59 Video Platform™. ”

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