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Forbidden Grows Global Distribution Network

London, UK – May 8, 2006: Video editing specialist Forbidden Technologies today announces a strategic partnership with Formidable Technologies, extending its distribution network to Canada. The deal is the latest in a series of European and global partnerships, reinforcing Forbiddens position as a leader in cutting-edge post-production techniques.

Formidable Technologies, distributing products from Forbidden Technologies, is set to catapult the broadcast and e-marketing industries to new heights in Canada, offering the unrivalled convenience, quality and efficiency of Forbiddens rich streaming video on the web.

"We are taking Canada by storm as producers, filmmakers, webmasters, educational institutions, new media, advertisers, broadcasters and reporters get a taste of this next wave of technology,"

says Vicky Talangbayan, president of Formidable Technologies.

"We are very excited that the Royal Television Society Award was recently given to Forbidden Technologies for advancing post-production and that the Canadian broadcast industry can enjoy the benefits of FORscene through Software as a Service. We are now able to edit anywhere, anytime."

Forbiddens flagship product, FORscene enables web-based editing, video post-production and publishing, both to the web and mobile phones, using nothing more than a browser. FORlive allows event and production companies to show live events on the web. The web-based nature of FORscene means that upgrades are seamlessly included at no extra charge to ensure the most-up-to-date technology is available on-line to all users.

"The partnership and pilots undertaken with Formidable, again show the post production advantage that FORscene offers alongside its demonstrable ease-of-use,"

says Stephen Streater, CEO of Forbidden Technologies.

"This is the latest in a series of deals further emphasising the uptake of web-based editing across the globe."

Children ages 10-13 were given a chance to test-drive FORscene at the Sprockets International Film Festival for Children in Toronto, Canada. Nelvana provided an episode of the popular television show Jacob Two Two and 9 Story Entertainment provided an Emmy award-winning episode of PEEP and the Big Wide World for the children to edit. They were able to successfully edit nine 20 minute shows into 3 minute clips in less than three hours. Studio staff were also on hand to try out FORscene and were amazed at the ease of the technology and edited versions of their shows.

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