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Forbidden Mobilises News at IBC 2004

Forbidden Technologies combines its unique web editing and publishing tools with Bluetooth to mobilise daily news at IBC2004

International Broadcasting Convention, September 9-14, 2004. Visitors to this years show will have access for the first time to official IBC TV News footage on their 2.5G mobile phones – courtesy of new video Bluetooth, web editing and online publishing tools from Forbidden Technologies.

As a partner of the IBC TV News, Forbidden will enable highlights of the previous days footage taken by IBCs camera crews – product launches, company announcements and high profile interviews – to be delivered directly to the mobile phones of thousands of visitors via Bluetooth.

"The mobile sector offers tremendous brand and revenue opportunities for broadcasters and production houses by creating a highly targeted, direct channel for the delivery of content,"

said John Holton, IBC Exhibition Chairman.

"Were delighted to be leading the way by working with Forbidden to offer visitors the very best view of IBC2004 on their mobile phones."

The mobile service showcases two new offerings from Forbidden. The new FORmobile tool will deliver video along with an IBC branded player, via Bluetooth or a GPRS download, to compatible Symbian handsets. In addition, Forbiddens revolutionary new FORscene web-based professional editing tool, which is launching at the show, will digitise, compress, edit and publish bite size clips on-the-fly, ready for delivery to the mobile.

"We receive the footage from the IBC news teams at around 10am each morning, and aim to mobilise the content for distribution within half an hour,"

said Stephen Streater, CEO of Forbidden Technologies.

"By compressing, editing and publishing video in such a short time frame, we not only provide mobile users with compelling, up-to-date news content, but are making use of an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of our unique portfolio to production houses and content owners."

The videos will be available for download via GPRS or over a Viewtooth (video over Bluetooth) connection to a standard server located on Forbidden Technologies stand, Hall 2, number 110.

To ensure the video clips are available to every attendee with a compatible mobile phone, Forbidden will package its white labelled media player with each video request. This player will carry IBC branding and will ensure that users see the news first time, every time.

"By working with Forbidden we have been able to achieve a number of firsts at this years IBC,"

continued Holton.

"We have never before mobilised our television news service, this will be the first time content will be made accessible via Bluetooth, and this is the first opportunity we have had to create an exclusive IBC branded news portal on the mobile phones of visitors and exhibitors.

"IBC2004 is set to be the biggest ever, and were delighted to be able to deliver compelling visual content via all media channels; the Internet, TV and now, with Forbiddens expertise, the mobile handset."

For more information and to see the mobile news being made come along to the Forbidden Technologies stand, Hall 2, Number 110.

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