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Forbidden provides broadcast quality video output from its web video tool, FORscene

Web-based video editing comes of age

Web video specialists Forbidden Technologies plc is launching FORscene DV, a broadcast quality upload and export capability for its collaborative web-based editing and publishing platform, at IBC 2007.

The Directors believe that this is the first application of its kind – browse quality is uploaded from location and edited centrally by experts; the FORscene DV system then uploads at broadcast quality those video frames used in the final edit and reconstructs the programme for download by broadcasters.

This continues the trend towards browser based applications such as search, auctions, retail, information resources and social networking. FORscene DV enables professionals to edit broadcast items shot on location with entirely web-based tools.

Currently, three ways to get video back from location for broadcast have been to:

  • use an expensive high speed link such as a satellite;
  • wait for a courier or slow electronic connection; and
  • use journalists to edit the video on location.

The Directors believe that FORscene DV avoids some of the pitfalls with these methods. The process avoids the wasteful upload of unused footage at broadcast quality, saving time and cost. It also avoids the need to provide local editing software and expertise. It has become viable with advances in internet speeds and tools.

The application is of particular relevance in time critical reporting, such as news. On location journalists with a DV camera can concentrate on filming, leaving the video editing to professionals who have access to the wider context, as well as library footage. In addition, companies selling video footage can give browse access for shot selection. Having chosen video material, customers can download the broadcast quality clips through the web interface.

For further information please contact:

Stephen B. Streater, Forbidden Technologies plc
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Jon Fitzpatrick, Corporate Finance, Brewin Dolphin Securities
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Adrian Duffield, College Hill
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