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Forbidden Technologies and Simply Stream TV partner with Tiscali

Consumer video editing tool is launched through ISP

Video streaming and editing specialists, Forbidden Technologies plc today announces a strategic partnership with Tiscali, the internet and broadband company, through its distribution partner Simply Stream TV for the launch of Forbiddens new Clesh (Clip Load Edit Share) consumer editing package through the ISPs portal.

One of the first Web 2.0 applications providing a truly interactive user experience through the Internet, Clesh is a scaled down consumer version of Forbiddens award winning FORscene package that is being used in the post production industry by broadcasters. It allows consumers to experience the functionality and features of FORscene to edit and share their own video and mobile phone footage on the Internet, through a home PC. In December 2005, FORscene won the Royal Television Society award for technology in the post production process.

Stephen Streater, Chief Executive of Forbidden Technologies, commented:

"Clesh is a new and exciting Web 2.0 application. The concept of web based applications has been popularised with web-based email access. Clesh pushes this idea much further: using Clesh, consumers can create their own videos and publish them for viewing on the web or on mobile phones from almost any computer. Clesh is a fully integrated system allowing creation and sharing of video as never before. Forbidden is using its technology for internet video in new and radical ways, and the launch partnership with Tiscali is a true testament to the capabilities and promise of Clesh."

Richard Ayers, Portal Director and Editor at, said:

"The launch of the Clesh package will allow consumers that next level of functionality when it comes to editing their footage and sharing videos with family and friends. You only need to look at the success of Forbiddens professional product to see that Clesh has enormous potential, and we are delighted to be the first to offer it to our users on its launch."

The package will be launched on the Tiscali portal,, in January 2006 with a competition to create the best video of where you would rather be using Clesh. Additional video content is provided by Simply Stream TV for the competition, should participants run short of their own material. A shortlist of the best videos will be compiled by Tiscali with the winner voted for by the public. Online support will be available throughout the competition, with specialist help pages on the Tiscali site and an address for email queries to help users get up to speed quickly on the features and use of Clesh.

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