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Forbidden Technologies Demonstrates Web-Based Mobile Video Editing Opportunities at NAB 2007

Forbidden CEO highlights opportunities for telecommunications market at world’s largest electronic media show

Stephen Streater, CEO of Forbidden Technologies, will this week be advising telecoms operators and content providers of the opportunities to be found in mobile video creation and web based video editing and distribution. Speaking at the NAB 2007 conference in Las Vegas at a session entitled ‘Magic Happens – Non-Linear Editor Considerations’, Streater will join other distinguished speakers to address using mobile TV and cameras to their fullest, through utilising web based editing platforms.
As high quality camera phones become a mainstay in telecommunications offerings, the opportunities afforded by web-based post-production facilities, for both professional and consumer markets, cannot be ignored. The abilitiy to access browser-based toolkits from any desktop PC and Mac with a broadband connection provides lucrative bundling options for mobile operators, while offering content providers a professional alternative
to expensive software.
Streater’s product demonstrations during the event will illustrate the market opportunities provided by FORscene, its professional editing toolkit, and Clesh, its consumer product.

“Our professional and consumer offerings are the result of more than 17 years of video tools development – matching an easy-to-learn interface with the functionality and quality of a professional system,”

said Stephen Streater, CEO of Forbidden.

“The telecoms market is opening up to the revenue potential of mobile broadcasting – most handsets now have video and camera technology as standard. Services such as ours will assist the mass
adoption of these technologies, through delivering professional content to end-users and providing the means for consumers to edit their own footage for distribution to peers.”

The ‘Magic Happens – Non-Linear Editor Considerations’ session will take place at the show on Wednesday 18th April at 2:45pm, in the Las Vegas Convention Center N238. For more details please visit

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