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Forbidden Technologies Provides Web-Based Editing Suite to North One Television

Greater efficiency expected through changes to production process

Forbidden Technologies today announces it has been selected by North One Television Limited, part of the All3Media Group, to provide it with a web-based post-production platform. The pilot is primarily aimed towards increasing efficiency of the post-production process. The leading independent production house will use Forbidden's FORscene to ingest, log and review video content from the upcoming Vet of the Loose programme for the Animal Planet channel.

FORscene is being piloted for the first series of the programme. North One has been impressed by its ability to allow the team, in locations across the UK, to commence work on rushes without the need for production suites. It also expects to benefit from using the web-based post-production facility by sharing rough cuts with clients more easily. It plans to continue to use the technology for the rest of the 13 episode series, due for completion in September.

"On a programme of this ilk, our team is working in locations across the UK. This creates significant challenges in coordinating the operation,"

said Cari Rosen, series editor of Vet on the Loose.

"FORscene's web-based platform has allowed the team to look at rushes from any location, on any broadband-enabled computer. The convenience this has afforded us, as well as the time-savings the team has experienced so far, are key factors in the decision to adopt this technology for the rest of the series."

Forbidden's FORscene provides significant short cuts to the post-production process. Once video is uploaded, loggers can begin work on rushes and once logged, material can be viewed, shots selected and rough edits completed.

Nick Barrett, operations and finance manager at North One commented:

"The pilot has progressed well and we have been impressed with FORscene's user-friendly interface, the flexibility it allows the team, and the unique web-based proposition. By minimising the need to move physical tapes around at the rough-cut stage, editors can assign more time to viewing the content online and selecting the best shots, some of which could have been overlooked had they relied on traditional systems. We are looking at how Forbidden can help to support our ongoing commitment of creating high quality programming for our broadcast clients."

The thirteen part series airs on Animal Planet in September.

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