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Forbidden Technologies supports broadcast showcase with cutting-edge technology

Ravensbourne news team adopts FORscene to meet tight deadlines

Forbidden Technologies is driving news journalism at the highly regarded Rave On Air student showcase this week. The event, taking place at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communications, is an annual event that transforms the facility into a broadcasting hose for the benefit of prospective students and industry attendees.  Throughout the two-day event, a news team will be using Forbidden’s FORscene web-based editing and publishing suite to quickly create content for a citizen journalism website and a slot on one of the broadcast channels.
Rave On Air will produce two television channels that will be populated with a wide range of programming to demonstrate the skills of the broadcast students. During the event, the news team are commissioned with broadcasting a 15 minute bulletin every two hours and a one minute slot in the alternate hours. Filming commenced in the fortnight running up to the event and the team expect to experience the pressure of discovering, filming, editing
and broadcasting news stories for different media channels within a defined timescale.
The news team, comprising of third-year broadcast students, will film stories on their mobile phones, including on-location shooting in London during the event. The footage taken will be uploaded over the air, or via PC, into FORscene for editing and will then be published to the web and as a podcast.

Rosie Lidington, head of citizen journalism and a third-year broadcast student at Ravensbourne, commented,

“We’re very excited to be bringing an element of citizen journalism to Rave On Air this year. With 1,500 delegates
expected, this is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate our industry-applicable skills, as well as our knowledge of cutting-edge

Stephen Streater, CEO at Forbidden, said,

“There is currently a great debate over the technologies being taught to broadcast students in higher-education facilities. Rave On Air is an excellent example of how an institution can embrace both traditional and modern technologies, equipping
its graduates with the wide-ranging skills needed to excel in the industry. We are delighted to be involved with such a forward-thinking initiative.”

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