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Forscene & Deltatre : a thriving digital partnership

June 2, 2017, London – Forbidden Technologies plc (AIM: FBT) is pleased to announce that it has signed an extendable two year contract with Deltatre for one of its clients. This contract is worth in excess of £100,000 spread over a two year period.

Deltatre, a leading supplier of digital and broadcast services in the Sports market, will be using Forbidden’s Forscene cloud video platform. Forscene is used by Deltatre to extend their OTT offering of editing services for live and on demand content. Use of the Forscene platform will start in July 2017.

The Forscene video platform delivers a fully virtualised workflow that speeds up time to market for highlights packages, allows remote viewing and editing, and can be used to publish directly to social media channels and websites.

Deltatre commercial director, Stefano Rigat, said:

“Forscene’s platform of capabilities provide us with a range of applications to help us grow our market and deliver a superior digital sports solution. We continue to use the Forscene video platform offering, over a range of clients and sports categories, for live and on demand content.”

Forbidden Technologies Chairman, David Main, said:

“Deltatre has been a key customer of ours in the sports market for a number of years. This minimum two year deal, clearly indicates the strength of our ‘live solutions’ and values our commitment to maintaining our market leading capabilities in this sector.”

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