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FORscene revolutionises outreach for mainstream churches

International Broadcast Convention, Amsterdam, 8-12 September, 2006

"FORscene is the way of the future for outreach and communication in mainstream churches,"

says Bob Adams, president of Christian Growth Solutions Inc, a technology service provider to churches based in Toronto, Canada.

"It allows us to do things we couldnt do before."

"We had very successful proofs of concept and pilots. The technology is rock solid and robust. We will be using FORscene extensively beginning with a very large Canadian denomination,"

says Adams.

FORscene provides a web-based, virtual video editing room accessible anywhere, anytime by editors and viewers. It provides a platform for logging, assembly editing, reviewing and archiving. It is a powerful, password-protected system that can publish video to the web, mobile phones and iPods. It is a UK based technology created by video compression pioneer Forbidden Technologies plc. This Software as a Service (SaaS) is now available in North America through Toronto-based Formidable Technologies Inc.

"Christian Growth Solutions is taking advantage of FORscenes many capabilities,"

says, Vicky Talangbayan, president of Formidable Technologies.

"Using FORscene we will be webcasting church services within a controlled intranet and internet environment. The beauty of FORscene is that it allows us to tailor our messages for distinct communities in their preferred medium for instance sending messages to our youth on iPods,"

says Adams.

"With FORscene you dont need a lot of equipment, With a minimum high speed connection we can get our messages out to hundreds and thousands of people on the web, a cell phone or iPod,"

says Adams.

"Its leading edge, state-of-the art technology that is instinctive to use."

"If I had to sum up FORscene in one word I would say Unique. I dont know of anything else like it. We have access to all of the upgrades immediately. Otherwise we couldnt keep up. We are very excited about the possibilities that FORscene provides,"

says Adams.

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