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Forscene’s Own Virtual Ingest Server to be introduced at NAB Show 2016

April 4, 2016, London – Forscene’s own Virtual Ingest Server will be introduced at this year’s NAB Show. This software-only solution to uploading media into the Forscene cloud is currently in beta and planned for release later this year.

The development of Forscene’s Virtual Ingest Server follows the recent addition of Forscene’s Edge Server to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and provides a further alternative to traditional hardware-based ingest workflows. The solution uses the same Forscene software that typically runs on ingest hardware, but the software runs within a virtual machine on the user’s computer or laptop instead of running on a separate ingest server. Current testing is being conducted using Oracle’s VirtualBox – a powerful virtualisation product for enterprise customers that is available as Open Source Software and runs on Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and Solaris hosts.

Forscene is designed to help production teams save time and money by allowing users to access and work on video projects from anywhere, on any device, over a standard internet connection. Removing the need for hardware to transcode and upload media proxies to the Forscene cloud provides a range of benefits including:

  • Clients don’t need to invest in fixed assets in order to use Forscene on a project.
  • The cost of entry is lowered and Forscene is more accessible for smaller companies and productions.
  • Scaling up or down is easy and cost effective – multiple virtual machines can run on a single piece of hardware.
  • With no shipping or installation necessary, new clients can be up and running quickly and potential clients can easily test the system.
  • Duplicating hardware for redundancy is no longer necessary.

“Forscene’s non-proprietary ingest servers have always been affordable and easy to integrate into existing infrastructure,” said Jason Cowan, director of business development at Forbidden. “But as the leading SaaS post-production provider we wanted to offer the industry a solution that frees them from the cost and logistical limitations inherent to hardware-reliant workflows. Forscene’s Virtual Ingest Server provides our clients with the flexibility to produce content without restriction.”

NAB Show visitors are invited to visit the Forscene booth at SL5305 to be the first to test this exciting new development.

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