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GMTV streams live via the web to foreign correspondents

London, Feb 03, 2005: Video streaming specialist, Forbidden Technologies plc, today announces a deal with GMTV to stream the breakfast programme live to its network of field reporters on location across the world. This broadcast application, first proven by the partnership during the US elections, allows GMTVs international correspondents to watch the show live or browse through it later from anywhere in the world, via a standard but secure web browser.

This new streaming application ensures on-location correspondents can follow the precise angles and comments made by studio guests and presenters, giving them the ability to respond and tailor their own pieces to reflect the mood in the studio.

Under the terms of the deal, GMTV has bought Forbiddens ground breaking FORscene live compressor that utilises advanced digital compression techniques to deliver a live video feed to PCs, Macs and laptops via the web.

"The ability to view programmes in real-time, from anywhere in the world, is a huge leap forward for television journalists,"

said Geoff Wright, Chief Engineer, GMTV.

"During the US election our journalists reported live from across America, often travelling with the candidates. To keep pace with, and to shape, studio debate our journalists needed to be able to follow the programme and know exactly what is going on in the studio – in a country where we do not broadcast."

Foreign correspondents from all news channels are often forced to deliver reports blind to the debate in the studio, significantly impacting the consistency of reporting. Forbidden solves this problem by compressing the live UK show, making it available immediately for shuttling through and viewing by each on-location team.

In addition to the GMTV application, Forbiddens FORscene allows news camera crews in the field to compress and publish digitised content directly onto the web in a matter of seconds. This is particularly useful in potentially volatile situations where video tapes and cameras can be confiscated, or when reports need to be delivered immediately.

"The business case for live streaming in the broadcast sector is clear, and has received a real boost with this partnership,"

said Stephen Streater, CEO, Forbidden Technologies.

"Forbidden has been pioneering the development of streaming media within the broadcast sector for some time and we are delighted that one of the UKs top TV stations has recognised the significant benefits."

Forbidden and GMTV will continue to work together during 2005, expanding the scope of their partnership and creating innovative streaming projects to enable GMTV to fully utilise its content in todays increasingly mobile world.

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