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Granada Production 'Trust Me I'm a Holiday Rep'

International Broadcast Convention, Amsterdam, 8-12 September, 2006

Forbidden Technologies today announces the completion of a major post production project with Granada Media on entertainment documentary, 'Trust Me I'm a Holiday Rep'. The project involved utilising Forbidden's FORscene web-based post production platform for ingesting, logging, review and shot selection of content for the second series, filmed in Crete this summer.

The 'Trust Me I'm a Holiday Rep' team faced a common challenge for conventional offline techniques in reality programming, namely managing the large volumes of footage produced, in this case over 380 hours. Granada had five compressors running and 12 loggers working simultaneously to ingest and log the footage within two weeks. This latest FORscene project also made use of its web-based capability for review, as some of the shot selection took place remotely, online before the EDL was exported into Avid.

"The ingest and logging facilities and web-based capability of FORscene was a crucial part of a more efficient and cost-effective offline process,"

said Wendi Rose, production manager on 'Trust Me I'm a Holiday Rep'.

"The benefits of the platform were well known to us because of its successful employment on the first series last year, and further developments since then made it the perfect solution for us again."

First used by Granada on the inaugural series of 'Trust Me I'm a Holiday Rep', and then on 'Extreme Ghost Stories' last year, FORscene was again chosen based on its previous successful use and developments made since then.

"This latest project with Granada is testament to the business benefits and continual development of our FORscene web-based post production platform,"

said Stephen Streater, CEO of Forbidden Technologies.

"The sheer volume of footage created in reality television programming makes our collaborative platform the perfect solution to improving post production efficiency, and this view is supported in the rapid uptake of FORscene within the broadcast sector."

The ten part series 'Trust Me I'm a Holiday Rep' airs on Five from mid September.

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