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Internet video innovation for travel companies

Video previews of hotels and resorts available on home or work PCs

Forbidden Technologies, the developer of video streaming technology, envisages growth of online video in the travel sector as a result of its partnership agreement with Travel Media Solutions Ltd, a major producer of travel related video.

Travel Media Solutions has entered into an agreement with Indecorp Corporation a world-wide hotel group to use Forbidden’s technology to enable customers to view video footage of hotels and resorts on their home or work computer.

Greg Hirst, Business Development Director, Forbidden Technologies plc, commented:

“Our technology makes it simple and straightforward to use video images in online travel brochures, which promises to greatly improve the consumer experience.

“Travel Media Solutions Simply Stream product enables video to play on the vast majority of web browsers and is not affected by firewalls. The video is of exceptional quality and runs at high frame rate. It is ready to play immediately on opening a web page as it does not require plug-in players or additional software.

“The product is particularly suited to the mass consumer market as Forbidden’s compressed video will run on most typical home computers whether using traditional 56k modems or connected over broadband.”

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