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Investor engagement

One of the huge delights in running a quoted company is the enthusiasm of private investors.
Forbidden’s speciality of Internet video lends itself particularly to engagement with our shareholders. Almost all have access to the Internet, have mobile devices, and watch video. Some even make videos themselves.
With many technology companies, it can be hard to assess the products through personal experience. With Forbidden, any shareholder can try out our cloud tools for themselves – for free.
Forbidden’s AGMs are always welcoming – and followed by a free lunch and a lively discussion.
With accountability crucial to success, I ensure we take part in regular investor events. Given the pace of change at Forbidden and in its markets, we have three in the first half of this year. At the first, the Shares/Cenkos Innovators and Investors Forum in February, my talk focused on internal company changes to reflect the state of the market.
The second, the UK Investor Show takes place on Saturday 18th April. The stand provides a backdrop for two presentations talking about the successes of our new strategy in the afternoon and a panel discussion in the main hall.
For those who can’t make the UK Investor Show, Forbidden is also exhibiting at the The Master Investor Show the following Saturday.
At investor shows, I am joined by another board director, or where there is particular topical interest, another senior staff member. The environment is conducive to both quick chats and detailed discussions, and Forbidden’s mass market consumer offers are making our products easily accessible.
As ever, I welcome the independent views of shareholders and potential investors, and I look forward to engaging with some of Forbidden’s 2,000 shareholders over the coming days.

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