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Japanese marketing agreement

Forbidden Technologies plc (Forbidden) has reached agreement with SiteSeer Japan Ltd a company recently established to promote Forbidden Technologies' new generation of online and mobile video streaming products, across Japan and other Far East markets.

Japan has a strong culture of adopting new consumer technologies. NTT DoCoMo, the telecom operator, has sold over 10 million camera phones since June last year and its third generation mobile service, FOMA, now has over 320,000 subscribers.

The marketing team will be led by Alexander Streater who, as a resident of Japan, has considerable experience in these markets including the successful repurposing of high-technology offerings for the Japanese market. SiteSeer Japan, which will offer video compression services to web designers and corporates, will license Forbidden's technology for video delivery to PCs, PDAs and mobile phones in return for a revenue share.

Greg Hirst, Business Development Director, Forbidden Technologies said:

"The Far Eastern audience is one of the most discriminating in the world and is already an enthusiastic consumer of high quality data services, particularly on mobile phones.

This partnership will allow us to offer Forbidden's high quality compressed video to Far Eastern viewers, through local language web sites, as part of a complete service for web designers and corporates. We look forward to working with SiteSeer Japan with the aim of providing a quantum leap in the quality of the user experience of web video."

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