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Launch of web video editing and publishing – FORscene

Forbidden Technologies, a leading developer of internet video streaming products, announces the launch of FORscene at the IBC2004 media trade show in Amsterdam, on Friday 10th September. FORscene is a proprietary video editing and publishing tool and is aimed initially at the large professional post production market.

Forbidden believes that FORscene is exceptional in allowing professional editing to be carried out over the internet on personal computers without any software or hardware installation.

FORscene users can publish their video on the web and mobile phones. Using Forbidden's own compression technology, web videos play through firewalls from web pages, and mobile videos play back on the growing range of 2.5G Symbian handsets. FORscene uses Forbidden's live technology, launched at IBC2003, to capture and compress video content in real time ready for editing.

Forbidden has involved several partners to ensure the successful development of FORscene.

Mentorn, a leading international production company, is a key partner. Charles Thompson, MD of Mentorn, says about FORscene: "It's one of the most exciting pieces of new technology that we've seen".

IBC is using FORscene to publish IBC2004 news on mobile phones. Visitors to the show will be able to watch videos using Forbidden's FORmobile application – the player and videos can be passed on for free using Forbidden's Viewtooth technology.

Forbidden's partnership with Orange, the major mobile communications group, has demonstrated that FORscene works over the Orange 3G networks on a standard laptop.

Stephen Streater, Chief Executive commented:

"FORscene is a showpiece product as it brings together our video editing system experience with key Forbidden technologies: FORlive, FORmobile and FORweb. Few companies can command such a complete range of skills in this area.

FORscene allows editing from anywhere in the world over the internet. Editors can work collaboratively from different countries if they wish. Clients can view drafts of edited videos, and try ideas out for themselves, from their own offices.

Our strategy of developing easy to use, highly accessible products is assisted by our expanding range of partners. FORscene's pay-as-you-go charging model minimises the capital cost of video editing and publishing, making FORscene a must-try system for video editors."

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